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28 October 2011

DIY Cupcake Towers

DIY Cupcake Tower

Cupcake Towers

I’m admittedly a Pinterest addict. When I’m stressed or sad or looking to be inspired, I Pin. Seriously, Pinterest has helped me through tough personal times. And so, inspired by a Pinterest find, I thought I’d make a couple of DIY cupcake towers for the dessert table I was making for my niece’s birthday.

This project was super easy to make! First, I went to Chocolate Lover to purchase some styrofoam. For the 3-tier tower, I used 12-inch, 8-inch, and 6-inch styrofoams. The 6-inch one was scaled down by my mom to about 4 inches to make a bigger space for the second tier. For the 2-tier tower, I used 10-inch and 6-inch styrofoams. Each tier was 4 inches in height.

And then I made some patterns on 17x11-inch canvases using Photoshop and had them printed at a nearby printing shop. Unfortunately, the blue wasn’t quite as I wanted it to be, and I had no more time to change it.

I cut my patterns up and secured them around the styrofoams with straight pins, covered the tops with grease-proof paper, and attached the tiers together with strong double-sided tape. I used a little over two strips of the pattern for the 12-inch base, one for the middle tier, and less than one for the top tier. For the 10-inch base, I used about one and a half, and for the top, less than one strip.

And that was it! Super easy. I’m excited to try out some more Pinterest finds in the future.

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