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19 February 2012

D ♥ K Part One

Dennis and Karen’s wedding is one that I’ve really been looking forward to doing a blog feature on for a few different reasons. For starters, Karen, who found me through my other blog allowed me to get creative and trusted me completely despite my lack of portfolio. She was also one of the most pleasant clients to work with, knowing exactly what she wants but never once turning into a bridezilla (at least not with me).

Their families also played a part in making this one of my favorite weddings ever. Since Dennis and Karen both work in Sydney, it was Karen’s mom and younger sister who met with me on her behalf. A week later, I also met her dad, her youngest brother, and even her grandmother. I had practically met her entire family except for her! Her mom, though apprehensive about me at first, learned to trust me, too, and didn’t breathe down my neck like other MOBs would have. As a young wedding planner, I appreciated this so much. Karen’s family was so welcoming, always treating me with kindness.

I met Dennis’s mom the same day that Karen and I met in person for the first time, and she was just the sweetest! Her motherly ways pour out of her heart, making the people around her (read: me) feel at ease.

And Dennis… Well, let’s just say that Dennis was interesting. More on that in the coming posts.

In this post, you’ll see most of the things that I custom-made for the wedding. Their color motif was warm gray, blush pink, and ivory. Because the banquet tables were already covered in gray linen, the accent pieces and printed materials were mostly in pink.

Registration TableRegistration Table: Karen bought some really beautiful pieces from Australia and brought them all here. The big white frame was probably my favorite, which we used to hold the table assignments.

Table AssignmentsTable Assignments: Thankfully, I was able to fit about a hundred fifty names in here without the text being too small. This was printed and cut by Pixografx in Megamall.

Love, Sweet Love
We had some sweets at the registration table in colors that matched the motif.

Mini French Macarons in three flavors were ordered from Empire by Georgia Rocha. Gray – Vanilla Buttercream, Pink – Strawberry, Ivory – White Chocolate.

These little stickers were used for small clear candy bags to put the sweet treats in. The one with “Love, Sweet Love” on it was used as a label, and the other with the monogram was used to seal the bags.

Sugar Almonds
Karen brought home some Sugar Almonds for their guests. I made labels for 180 little bags of these.

Napkin Rings
Napkin Rings: These were designed, printed, cut, and assembled by me. Each guest had one of these wrapped around their table napkin.

Menu CardMenu Card
Menu Cards for the VIP Tables.

Place CardsPlace Cards for the VIP Tables. 

Unity CandleUnity CandleMatchesSecondary Candles
Offertory Candles
Unity Candle Set: The Unity Candle was wrapped in a beautiful sequined lace and accented with a brooch. The Secondary Candles and Match Boxes were also decorated to match the Unity Candle. Offertory Candles were wrapped in a light pink ribbon, accented with clear gems. (The sequined lace was also used to make napkin rings for the VIP Tables.)

I also designed their Wedding Invites for them. They wanted something clean and simple, and they loved the finished product! (These were printed by Printlane. The inserts were also laid out by Printlane.)

Other custom-made print materials include the table numbers and wish cards, but I didn’t get a chance to photograph them.

Part two of this blog feature will be Dennis and Karen’s lovely laid-back prenup photo shoot by Pol Sena, so watch out for that!

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