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18 June 2012

Teddy Manuel’s Eco-friendly Bouquet Carrier

Everyday, my Facebook Newsfeed fills up with a lot of different wedding photos from a number of different wedding suppliers. Be it bridal or couple’s portraits from my favorite photographers or swoon-worthy event designs from top-notch event stylists, I’m always left impressed, inspired, and sometimes gooey-eyed.

Teddy Manuel's Eco-friendly Bouquet Carrier
Photo courtesy of Teddy Manuel

Last week, while browsing a fresh set of posts, I spotted this nifty Bouquet Carrier by Teddy Manuel. At first glance, one would think that it was a centerpiece for a shabby-chic wedding, but it is, in fact, a fabulous Bouquet Carrier upcycled from bamboo scraps that he had lying around from previous weddings.  

Not only is it eco-friendly, completely reusable, and easy on the eyes, it’s way better for the flowers, too! Now, each bouquet sits comfortably and upright in individual bamboo tubes filled with water. It’s also sturdier than its cardboard box counterpart that’s widely used by florists.

“The Wedding Industry is very much aware of the environmental issues that we are facing right now. The Floral Industry is trying to go green by trying to use less pesticides, and it’s also trying to have organic produce,” Teddy says. He adds, “I conceptualized this Bouquet Carrier to contribute in helping Mother Earth by reducing waste and to encourage others to recycle as much as possible.” He forgot to mention how he completely prettified bouquet delivery, too!

He now uses this Bamboo Bouquet Carrier for each of his weddings, so yay for our planet and for the Wedding Industry, too!

Last time, it was Metrophoto’s M is Green campaign. Now, it’s Teddy’s upcycled Bouquet Carrier. I can’t wait to see what the industry comes up with next!

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