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10 November 2012

Colorful Wooden Block Letters

Block letters seem to be making an appearance at weddings and other special events more and more. Naturally, I bought some for my friend’s daughter’s birthday party last month. But they were in dull boring colors so I had the fun job of repainting them to match our colorful theme!

I bought these letters at Papemelroti. As you can see, they were mismatched and were in dire need of a paint job!

Wooden Block Letters

Because I’ve never done this before, I painted the smallest letter first. Obviously, it didn’t turn out well, so I proceeded to paint each letter with white acrylic paint as a base coat.

Painted Wooden Block Letters

See the difference? The cracks aren’t showing through the white paint like they are with the yellow paint.

Painting the ‘O’ reminded me of spreading cream cheese on a bagel.

Painted Wooden Block LettersPainted Wooden Block Letters

And now come the bright colors! I had to mix some white with the blue-green to get the color that I wanted.

Painted Wooden Block Letters

So happy with the result!

Painted Wooden Block Letters

Hopefully, these letters are now sitting in Fiona’s bedroom. What a nice keepsake, don’t you think?

And I made one for myself, too! This is bigger than the ones I used for Fiona, which works well as a bedside table accent. I just love the distressed finish!

Painted Wooden Block Letters

I just bought a bunch more wooden letters this afternoon in different sizes for different purposes. I’m using them for a wedding this December. Lots and lots to paint!


Originally posted on Little Miss Crafter


  1. Hi, Very interested to know if these letters can stand on their own. I'm planning a little diy myself, inspired by your diy, but papemelroti's website says (for the biggest letters) that "...prop it up on a desk or little shelf."


  2. Hello, Tetetmum!

    If you're using them indoors, these letters will stand on their own without much problem. Outdoors are trickier because of the wind. Letters like 'J' and 'S' might be tricky, too.

    If you're planning on using the biggest ones, I would suggest getting two of each letter, and then gluing them together to make them more stable. Just make sure that you're getting letters that align with each other perfectly.

    Happy DIY-ing! :)



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